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Aquaponics Plans


The Aquaponics Plans Available

There are three main types of aquaponics plans and systems that you can build for either a hobby or if you are a more serious aquatic designer. You can create any of the three aquaponic systems to suit your needs from a simpler design if you are just starting out to the more advanced layouts to challenge your designer skills. Basic Aquaponics Plan Infographic

1st Aquaponics Plan: Media-Based Aquaponic System

Aquaponics plans Media-BasedThe first aquaponics plan that you can design is called media-based. The media that is referred to in this method of aquaponics is the gravel, clay pebbles or other material that you use in the garden aquaponics plan  system. So whenever you hear media think of gravel and clay pebbles. This design is one of the most common aquaponic systems in people’s backyards. It mainly consists of using gravel and pebbles for different drainage needs in their aquatic environments. The clay pebbles are great for absorbing moisture and then giving it back to the plants roots as needed. If you see someone using gravel this is used mostly for when the systems are flooded and drained to control the water flow from the flood and where it gets drained out location wise. The plants that people pick for this type aquaponic system are planted directly into the media or the clay pebbles and gravel. This type of system does not require any pre-filtration of the water or the aquaponic system itself. Click here to Read more:

2nd Aquaponics Plan: Deepflow/Raft Aquaponics System

The second type of aquaponics plan that you can select from is called deepflow or raft aquaponics. This style of aquaponics is mostly used for commercial purposes. You can however, change it to meet your backyard needs in your home. The materials or media used in this design is water and rafts that are typically made out of Styrofoam or floating boards with holes for the pots so the roots are always in the water. This style does not require any gravel or clay pellets although you might want them on hand for decoration purposes or if you ever need to flood and drain your system.

3rd Aquaponics Plan: Nutrient Film Technique Aquaponics Systems

The third type of aquaponics plan that you can install is called nutrient film technique. This technique is not very popular right now. Your plants are always in pots and a small amount of water is always trickled into each pot. A channel is what provides the water and this is how your roots of your plants get access to the water. The water that is supplied to your plants already has all the proper nutrients for your plants to thrive and grow successfully. The one advantage over the other two designs is that your plants always have the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times. The right amount of water flow for your system should be around 1 liter per minute. If you have slightly over or slightly under you can do well as well. The danger comes in if it is getting way too much or way too little of the water with the nutrients in it. There are a few disadvantages to this method. This method requires that you think about the proper slope of your channel so you will have to know more details of the slopes and how much water comes out per the slope incline and how to properly build the channel to achieve this and get the right amount of water flow to your plants. You will also need a separate filtration process as this style doesn’t really require fish in order to function. The main disadvantage to each system is that you might have trouble locating a hydroponics store that carries the supplies you need to build your system in which case you can always to the internet for assistance.


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