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Aquaponics – The Revolutionary Organic Gardening Technique

Interested in Aquaponics? If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and you love being close with nature, you will certainly enjoy gardening. Absolutely anyone can do it and there is no greater feeling than when you look upon your healthy garden. What if there was a better way to maintain your garden? What if you could keep your garden healthy the organic way? Whether you are just a beginner or a long time gardener, the Aquaponics process is perfect for you.


what is Aquaponics and fish - Good friendsWhat exactly is Aquaponics and why do I need to know about it? To put it simply: it is a revolutionary new way to sustain your garden at a fraction of the effort. When you use this system, you will not only increase the production of vegetables from your garden, but you will be doing it at a quicker rate for less work. Your new Aquaponics garden will not have weeds to deal with, will be growing faster, and it will even be better for the environment. There truly is no better way to run a garden.

The Concept

The technique of Aquaponics is certainly a unique one. It creates a beneficial relationship between your garden and a fish tank. While this may sound strange at first, its proven methods will drastically change the way everyone thinks about gardening. It is quite simple to set up as well. You begin raising the fish in a tank as any normal fish owner would do, then you pump the nutrient rich water from the tank to your plants. The plants absorb these nutrients and then the filtered water is pumped back into the fish tank. This process will automatically repeat itself so your plants get everything they need, 24/7.

What will the Fish Do

The waste from the fish in your tank will serve as the perfect natural fertilizer. They possess nutrients that cause your plants to stay healthy and grow at an increased rate. By using the Aquaponics program, you will not have to deal with weeds, you will use less water, there is no harmful waste, and the process can even work in a draught. It is a natural way to keep your garden growing all year round. There is nothing else like it.

Benefits you Receive

1) Water saving. Significant decrease in the usage of water It has been reported on different online forums and websites that sprinkle usage is around 90 % lower then typical dirt gardening. This is comparable to water usage of 2-3 litres of water a day – much less then I expect would be required in a comparable soil based yard.

2) Faster growth. Growth of plants is substantially much faster then standard approaches making use of dirt. In aquaponics the plant roots are watered (flooded) at least as soon as an hour in a lot of system and have constant access to high levels of nitrates that are in the water.

3) No fertilizer needed. There is no have to utilize synthetic fertilizer to feed the plants. Fertilizer in the traditional sense is not used and undoubtedly making use of fertilizer would likely damage or get rid of the fish. So there is most likely a real expense conserving over dirt gardening in this area as there is no should be improve soil prior to growing or throughout plant growth.

4) Year round food. It’s simpler to setup for many years round use compared with standard gardening methods as grow beds are raised of the ground and expanding area is compact enabling efficient “green house” kind techniques to be used.

5) Organic. It’s organic. I guess if the fish are fed natural feed and food grade plastics are made use of then this need to be the case.

6) Minimal work. No weeding or bending down on the ground needed. Many backyard systems are setup so that the grow beds are at waist height (to enable gravity return of water to the aquarium) so this allows for a pleasant means to check and harvest the plants. To my knowledge and from our experience weeds do not expand in aquaponics systems. Inaddition the system practically looks after itself – it waters itself and when developed offers an excellent environment for both fish and plants to expand. There is occasional (when or two times a month) maintenance required in cleansing the fish tank with a broom and checking and cleansing the pumps.

Setup and Harvest

Setup and Harvest your food AquaponicsThe Aquaponics technique is great for your plants and it is also great on your wallet. Once you get this system set up in your very own backyard, there is little else you have to do. You are getting all of the benefits of gardening, without having to do all of the hard work. This system is all about creating a natural relationship with nature. Once that relationship has been set up, there is no need to get involved. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your plants to do what they do best. If you want to get started with Aquaponics, find out more today! This only scratches the surface of this amazing new technique.

 How To Get Started

The easiest and fastest means to establish your own Aquaponic System is to follow a basic guide. Right here at we evaluate a number of programs that have been made specifically for individuals who wish to discover more about Aquaponics and set up their own systems.


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